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Billige Toms Sko As we reflect on the 50th anniversary of Moore’s Law,Billige Toms Sko we stand at the threshold of a personal computing revolution. New user interface solutions such as head-mounted displays and Intel® RealSense™ technology are transforming human-computer interaction.Billige Toms Sko There are plenty of other examples in the industry – for example Google Glass, Facebook’s investment in Oculus, and Microsoft’s HoloLens. We are witnessing the blending of the real world and the digital, and that is truly exciting.
Billige Toms Sko I have been struck by the potential of these technologies,Billige Toms Sko not just for entertainment, but for practical applications. At CES we showed how Intel RealSense cameras worn around the body can help a vision impaired person navigate the world or help drones navigate obstacles.Billige Toms Sko I have seen how immersive displays can guide a person through a complex home repair or put an astronomer on another world. Imagine how these capabilities for immersion and instruction could impact education and industry.
Billige Toms Sko Intel RealSense technology enables new usage models by bringing the capabilities to Billige Toms Sko see and hear the real world to everything from PCs, laptops, and tablets to wearables, drones and more. Just a few weeks ago at IDF Shenzhen we unveiled a prototype smartphone with a new,Billige Toms Sko long-range Intel RealSense depth camera built in. But a technology only reaches true scale when developers are able to create ground-breaking experiences with it. This is a major technology transition with the potential to change lives and create new business value. Intel® Software is committed to helping developers to lean into this transformation and accelerate the pace of user experience innovation for everyone.
Billige Toms Sko To that end, Intel President Renee James announced the Intel RealSense App Challenge Billige Toms Sko last year at Computex. The goal was to engage new developers on the technology, take existing developers to the next level, and create inspirational applications. I was excited by the response Billige Toms Sko– more than 7000 software creators across 37 countries applied to compete, with 400 selected to develop new applications for entertainment, learning, collaboration, and more. Today we announced the winners, who come from the US, Canada, Brazil, UK, China, Ukraine, Germany, Indonesia and beyond.

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