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toms Sko billig If the Islamic State was responsible for the downing of the Russian passenger jet over Egypt last Saturday,toms Sko billig this may alter the strategic equation for Moscow. Will it persist on an anti-Western path even as security threats and economic opportunity are becoming more globalized?toms Sko billig Or will Russia cooperate with the West to protect against terrorism and improve the living standards of its people?
toms Sko billig The tragedy in Egypt, in which 224 passengers and crew perished, is Russia's worst aviation disaster in decades.toms Sko billig It comes just weeks after Moscow dispatched combat aircraft to support Syria's Shia-linked regime, led by Bashar al-Assad. Russia is also organizing a regional alliance of Shia powers – Iran,toms Sko billig Iraq, and Hezbollah ­– to buttress Assad’s rule against armed domestic opponents and the Islamic State, both of which are Sunni.
toms Sko billig A problem with this picture is that only five percent of Russia's millions of Muslims are Shia. Moreover,toms Sko billig several thousand Muslims from Russia are now fighting with the Islamic State, and some in Russia fear they will return home and carry out terrorist acts.
toms Sko billig Russia and the West face a number of common challenges, from terrorism to nuclear proliferation,toms Sko billig that no country can address acting alone. Likewise in the economic sphere, cooperation can raise incomes by mobilizing financial capital and expanding trade and investment.
toms Sko billig Moscow faces a choice between two paths. One is to continue confronting the West,toms Sko billig and seek retribution on its own against the Islamic State. But this holds little prospect of improving Russia's security or economic condition. The second path is to work with the West.

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