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toms Sko for salg Arizona Sen. John McCain is among the congressional Republicans who have asked for an administration plan for the shutdown of Guantanamo.toms Sko for salg And the Pentagon's assessment team visits over the last few months were part of the effort to provide options for the relocation of Guantanamo detainees.
"I've asked for six and a half years for toms Sko for salg this administration to come forward with a plan -- a plan that we could implement in order to close Guantanamo.toms Sko for salg They have never come forward with one and it would have to be approved by Congress," McCain said this week.
toms Sko for salg The facilities reviewed by the assessment team were the U.S. Disciplinary Barracks and Midwest Joint Regional Corrections Facility at Leavenworth,toms Sko for salg Kansas; the Consolidated Naval Brig, Charleston, South Carolina; the Federal Correctional Complex, which includes the medium,toms Sko for salg maximum and supermax facilities in Florence, Colorado; and the Colorado State Penitentiary II in Canon City, Colorado, also known as the Centennial Correctional Facility.
toms Sko for salg Colorado Republican Sen. Cory Gardner made clear this week that he opposes any move to relocate detainees to his state.
toms Sko for salg "I will not sit idly by while the president uses political promises to imperil the people of Colorado by moving enemy combatants from Cuba,toms Sko for salg Guantanamo Bay, to my state of Colorado," he said at a Capitol Hill news conference.
toms Sko for salg He also expressed concerns about the potential impact of such a move on the state’s judicial system and concerns about detainees potentially have to toms Sko for salg transported from the rural facility to downtown Denver to the federal courthouse for a hearing.

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