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toms shoes Integrated upright – Solar racers will typically have a hub motor designed for efficiency and long range.toms shoes This is ideal for endurance solar events that run for days across a continent. However, the balance between torque and efficiency differs for street cars. Immortus’ final design is an integrated upright that includes the motors and transmission along with hub and brake components normally mounted to an upright. The upright is modular and makes for easy installation:
Custom cars could mount a unit to an existing car toms shoes at the front for regenerative braking and store the energy and then enter a 4WD mode for augmented acceleration toms shoes that utilises the extra tracking of the front wheels.
toms shoes Custom built cars can now be made electric with ease due to the use of off the shelf modules that are easily toms shoes installed as part of the suspension.
The upright technology has currently toms shoes been developed for the Immortus and EVX is looking for interested parties to guide the direction of the next generation of technology.
toms shoes Regenerative shock absorber – This technology has been considered for some time – but has failed the cost/benefit analysis.toms shoes But, in context, energy is far more valuable in a solar sports car and the the technology becomes easier to justify more attractive. Currently this technology is likely only suitable to the Immortus, but the car will act as a rolling R&D platform to optimise regenerative shock development in years to come.
toms shoes Lightweight battery box – Battery banks in most electric vehicles isare typically heavy – the all-import reason is to keep the batteries cool.toms shoes Liquid cooling is effective, but it does add weight. Adding kilos doesn’t help most sports cars – but in a solar vehicle it’ s only if there’s no way out. Immortus will have a battery box, which is cooled to keep its ‘charges’ happy.
toms shoes Next month EVX will be exhibiting at SEMA Show 2015 (Speciality Equipment and Marketing Association) at Las Vegas Convention Center,toms shoes USA. The SEMA Show attracts more than 100,000 industry leaders from around the world from more than 100 countries. For more info on sporty spirited solars,

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